Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get there?

Our GPS address is 5978 Nowhere Rd Athens, GA

Google Maps has our correct location and works for directions.  We are 9 miles north of downtown Athens. 


What are your prices?

Dogs (less than 44 lbs):       $25

Dogs (45+ lbs):                       $26

Cats:                                         $20

Cat Condo:                              $22

Check our pricing page for more details. New customers receive 10% off the boarding rate. 20% discount on the 2nd dog in the same run. Holiday prices are $3.00 higher (TG and Christmas).

We also board birds, ferrets, pigs, and some other pets, please call us for pricing at (706) 353-7497


Could you briefly describe your facility?

We are an indoor/outdoor kennel. A major remodel was done in 2017 and included the installation of state-of-the art stainless steel and tempered glass pet enclosures.  The dogs have their own private indoor sleeping area that measures 4′ x 4′. It is heated and air conditioned and attached to their own private outside run that measures about 4′ x 12′. The outside area is covered, but open-air. Floors are concrete. The owners live on the property. A separate indoor area is set aside for cats. We are situated on 5 wooded acres with 3 playgrounds and an in-ground, bone shaped, 10,000 gallon swimming pool for our canine guests.


Who is on the property during the hours that the business is closed?

The owner lives on the property and can respond to any emergency situation very quickly.


Do the dogs get to go outside and play each day?

We offer 20 minute Playtime sessions for $6.00.  Dogs can also be walked on a leash or roam freely on one of our 3 enclosed playgrounds. We do not offer group playtime. We have more details on our Activities & Services page.


How long have you been in business?

We have owned the kennel for over 25+ years.  The kennel has been in existence for over 35 years.


Can I come and tour your facility?

Absolutely!  We encourage visitors during normal business hours. No appointment necessary…just show up and we’ll show you why we are the best kennel in the Athens area. If you wish to bring your dog with you on the tour, a full set of current shot records must be provided.


Are there any ‘extra’ costs my pet might incur?

Possibly. Pet owners are responsible for any costs associated with necessary medical treatment for the pet, as well as transportation to and from the vet if this should become necessary. Also, dogs who will not ‘use the bathroom’ in their runs are considered "Must Walks" and will be walked outside 3 times/day at an additional cost of $9.00/day. Additional dogs within the same family will be half price at $4.50/day.


Do you have any breed restrictions?

No.  All breeds are welcomed.  Some kennels will not board “aggressive breeds”, but we have no such restrictions.


What if my pet gets sick?

If your pet appears to be ill, we will first call you at the contact number you have provided to discuss the symptoms. If you are unavailable, we will call your emergency contact. If they are not available, we will call your veterinarian for advice. After hours, we use the Emergency Animal Clinic in Athens or UGA Vet Clinic. If the situation is urgent, we will take the dog to a veterinarian immediately.


How do I know that my dog won’t escape?

We have a strict policy that there must be two closed doors between a pet and the outside world at all times. Clips are placed on all kennel fence doors to ensure ‘clever’ dogs can not nudge them open. For dogs that are climbers, we have special runs that are covered and enclosed on all sides. A 6′ perimeter fence surrounds both kennel buildings.


Can I bring my own bedding and food for my dog?

We feed Victor brand dog food (an excellent grain-free product), but you are welcome to bring your own food in a sealed container. We also provide a raised cot for each dog and plush bedding. Owners may bring their own clean beds, but must be aware that dogs sometimes destroy the bedding that their owners bring.


Anything special I need to know for Thanksgiving and Christmas reservations?

Yes! A $50 non-refundable deposit is required. Cancelling your reservation at any time results in the loss of your deposit. In addition to loss of deposit, A $50 penalty applies for ‘no shows’ or cancellations within 48 hours of your date of arrival.  Prices are $3/day higher and there is a minimum 3 day charge.


Is there a temperament test my dog has to pass?

No, every dog is welcomed at Four Seasons Pet Resort.  Only dogs that participate in Day Camp group playtime are required to pass a temperament test. 


Does my animal have to be spayed or neutered to board at your facility?

No, it is not required. Also, you are welcome to board a female in heat. We DO NOT mix non-family animals at this facility unless they participate in Day Camp group playtime in which case they must be spayed/neutered.


Do I have to pay an additional fee for bedding?

No, bedding is included in your boarding rate. We even have temperpedic bedding for older and arthritic dogs. We ask that you do not bring bedding.


Do you offer Military Discounts?

Active and former members of our military receive a $3.00/day discount.  Military ID required and may not be combined with other discounts.


Its my first time using your Day Camp shuttle, what do I need to bring?

Please have a copy of your shot records in hand! Most vets will not be open that early in the morning to verify your records. Your pet must have current Rabies, Kennel Cough, and DHLP to participate. We prefer to use our bedding and we will feed your pet dinner. Feel free to bring your own medication and food if they are on a special diet. 

Tell me about your Doggie Day Camp group playtime...

As a part of our Day Camp program, we offer group playtime for certain guests. Your pet must pass a temperament test to participate in our group sessions. Group playtime will take place throughout the day and the group will be under constant supervision and evaluation. Your pet must also be spayed or neutered to participate in group playtime. 


What if my dog doesn't pass the temperament test?

We will still get your pet activity throughout the day, but it will be a solo session with a kennel tech. 


How are the dogs kept on the shuttle? Are they loose or in the seats? 

We have custom fabricated the interior of the bus to feature dog crates that are secured and welded into the bus's frame. Dog's won't be able to 'interact' with each other while on the bus. We do offer isolation crates on the shuttle as well. 


I booked online, don't you have my credit card information?

No, We DO NOT store your credit card information at Four Seasons Pet Resort. Squarespace, our booking site, uses your credit card to confirm your info and book your appointment, but we have NO ACCESS to this information.