Why you should choose a professional kennel instead of an

‘at- home’ service:

The people who board your dog at a kennel are professionals.  We care for pets 24/7/365.

Individuals who do ‘at-home’ boarding such as Rover and DogVacay are not professional pet caretakers.  They keep your pet for extra spending money and generally have no experience.

Professional boarding kennels are licensed by the state. We must submit to semi-annual inspections by The Georgia Dept. of Agriculture.

The vast majority (and perhaps all) ‘at-home’ businesses are operating illegally.  State law prohibits boarding pets for a fee without a kennel license.  Would you take your child to an illegal daycare center?

A professional kennel has liability insurance.

‘At-home’ services may not be properly insured.  What happens if your pet is injured, or worse?  If you become injured while in the operator’s home, will your medical expenses be covered?  Probably not.

A professional, licensed kennel is equipped to handle emergencies.  In the event of a fire or natural disaster, kennel employees are on the premises and ready to react.   Pets are unlikely to escape or be injured at a kennel.  We do this every day and know how to keep a pet safe and secure.

Chances are that ‘at-home’ services don’t have the experience to handle an emergency.  Is someone present in order to take a dog to the vet?  What if the operator has a personal emergency such as a death in the family which requires them to leave town immediately?  When the operator steps out for dinner and drinks, who is watching your pet?  Who will evacuate your pet in the event of a fire?  Has the operator’s home been ‘dog proofed’ in the same way a home should be ‘child proofed’?

Professional kennels have strict vaccination requirements to protect pets from disease and infection. 

‘At-home’ operations generally have no such requirement. Pets may therefore be exposed to air/food/water born infections and diseases.

The bottom line is this…don’t hire an amateur to care for your pet.  Hire a professional to care for the dog or cat that you treat like a family member.