Obedience Training

We have been engaged in basic Obedience Training in Athens GA for over 10 years and have trained more than 400 dogs during this time.


How it works

Our Obedience Training program is for medium to large sized dogs. The pet stays at Four Seasons for 10 days, and we work with the dog each day. Commands that the pet will master include Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Heel, Wait and Off. The goal is to teach the pet to obey each command given the first time, every time. The pet owners are not involved in this portion of the 10 day training. 

When training is completed, we meet with the owner and all family members and teach them how to give the commands with the pet present. This meeting generally lasts an hour or longer. Once the pet is back home, owners may take advantage of a 30 minute followup session if problems arise and additional training becomes necessary. 

***Due to past experiences, if you have ever used a shock collar on your dog we cannot accept them into our training program. The shock collar makes our pinch collar ineffective because the dog cannot differentiate between the two. The dog is so concerned with when the shock is coming that the focus for training will be nonexistent and the training will be ineffective.***



The fee is $599.00 and includes everything except the training collar which is about $12.00 plus tax. The program does include one free daily activity. It also includes boarding and a free bath! (New customer discount does not apply to this program).

Many owners who are considering a one week or longer vacation take advantage of this program since boarding is included in the price. Go on vacation and come back to a well trained pet. The perfect end to your vacation!

– Joe and Greg Bleakley, Owners and Trainers.